We provide insurance along with our relocation packages on your choice. If you want to cover the damages of the goods in transit, we can refer you to some good insurance providers from where you can immediately get relocation insurance for your ‘goods in transit’. During the time of choosing the relocation packages, our representative will guide you through the required procedures to get insurance for goods.
We understand that it may difficult for you to decide the vehicle for relocation and hence we will guide you. You can let us know the kind of goods you are relocating, a rough number and its sizes. You may also let us know the number of rooms in your home, the furniture and electronic items which needs to be relocated. This will help us to assess the volume and provide you with options of vehicles in which all your goods can fit in comfortably. In case you missed to let us know the proper volume, we will have to make multiple trips in the truck allotted.
If you need help with packing your things, you can inform us beforehand at the time of booking as it will be charged separately and would require allocating extra manpower. We will send in our removalists a day before or early that day to pack all your things. If you realized that you need packing service along with transportation a few days prior, please inform us at the earliest and we will try our best to help you out.
You need to inform us clearly the floor you live in, the lift facilities and the space constraints in the pathway from your home to the truck. Our removalists will prepare beforehand and bring the necessary equipment platform trolleys, hand trolleys, moving straps, etc to ensure that your things are carried to the truck without any damages.