How Can You Move Furniture into High Rise Buildings?

Moving into a new place be tough and when it is on the top floor of a high rise building, things complicate faster. Lifting up all the heavy boxes into high rise buildings can be a challenge in itself. But what happens when you have big, bulky furniture to move?

Here are a few tips to help you move into high rise buildings safely without any damage to people or to the furniture.

Get The Permission of the Building Manager
Some buildings may have strict rules about the time of moving as it may disrupt the lives of others. Therefore, check in with the building manager earlier before planning your relocation day and get the permission. Also, as you talk with the manager, you may also get some ideas about moving your stuff as the manager would have seen many such relocations happen.
If you are moving into an office, then some may have service elevator which you can use to carry the heavy furniture.

Check Out The Pathways
It is best to go to the building a few days before and analyze every path and every corner you need to take with your furniture. Chalk out a pathway beforehand – be it through the lift or through the stairs. Of course, there will be some small spaces where you may be doubtful it the furniture would fit.
Therefore, take out a measuring tape and measure the length, breadth and width of your biggest furniture before visiting the building. With the measurements in hand, measure the width of the hallway, the entrance to your place and any other corners which may seem a little difficult to manoeuvre. This will also give you an idea about the number of people you need for help.

Create An Elaborate Plan
With all the required details about the pathway and the distance you have to cover, create a complete plan of how the furniture will be moved. If you are moving in the night, don’t forget to check out the lightings in the path you will take. Some things may be taken in the elevator and some need to be carried through the stairs. Based on your analysis, mark the boxes to differentiate which ones can be taken in the elevator and which ones should be taken through the stairs. This will avoid a lot of confusion and avoid your furniture from getting stuck up in the middle.

Get A Good Furniture Removal Service
Planning all of this on your own is really hard not to mention the difficulty in finding the manpower to lift heavy furniture for 10 floors or more. It is best to give this responsibility to professional furniture removalists who have adequate experience in relocating to such high rise buildings.
When you contact the furniture removalists, ensure to let them all the details about the building including the options of elevators and stairs, the floor it has to be moved to, the narrow hallways and staircases, etc. This will help the removalists to bring in all the necessary equipment that will help them with the move. Hiring such removalists will take the pressure off you and they can do a better job at handling the stuff.

To move your furniture safely into high rise buildings in Melbourne, contact Melbourne Removals now. They have more than 20 years of experience in helping to relocate houses and offices and you can be assured that your furniture will be safe at the hands of these Melbourne removalists.