Quick Relocation Checklist for Moving Houses

No matter if you are moving the first time or had relocated numerous times earlier, relocating is no fun. The amount of work lay ahead for the relocation may be quite daunting for many. Sometimes, in this pile of work, we miss some important relocation work and that’s why having a checklist helps. A quick scan at the relocation checklist and you will be reminded of the things that you had forgotten.

Book A Professional Removalist
This may seem like a simple one but it is the most important one. Good removal services can relieve of transportation and even the packing which will give you a lot of time to concentrate on other relocation works. Therefore, ensure to pick out a good relocation company a few weeks prior to your relocation date. Call them to confirm their services and book them immediately.
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Settle All The Bills
Don’t forget to pay all of the outstanding bills in your current home. Go through each one of the utility bills and pay them before you move out of the house.

Update Your Address
As you are moving to a new home, don’t forget to inform everyone about the change in the address including the government departments like taxation office, any road authorities and the post office. Also, ensure to inform your bank and any other financial institutions, clubs or other associations. At last, don’t forget to send out a mail to your friends and family with your new address.

Disconnect The Utilities in Your Old Home
If you are moving out a house of your own, then you can disconnect the water, gas, landline and internet connections. If you are living in a rented place, discuss with your landlord first before disconnecting the utilities. Some connections may have been provided by the landlord before you move in. Just remind the landlord about such connections and your work will be done.

Check Your Utility Connections at Your New Home
At least a week before you move in, check with the landlord if all the connections have been provided. If you are in the same city, it is best to go over to have a look and confirm. In case the landlord hasn’t provided the connections yet, make sure to keep reminding until you get the connections before moving in.

Book Cleaners
Before you move out of the home, you need to clean it from top to bottom. If you are living in a rented home, then it becomes all the more important as the end of lease cleaning will ensure how much of your deposit money you will get back. Therefore, book a professional cleaning agency to clean out your entire home before the landlord comes for inspection.

Arrange School/Day Care Transfers
If you have a child at home, you will be arranging the transfer of the school or the daycare facility. Else, you may also look for a new school or day care centre in the locality you are moving in. It is best to arrange such details before moving in so that your children can go back to their regular schedule and you will also have some time to arrange your home.

Organize Insurance
It is best to take a Contents and Household Insurance before you move in. Check in with a few insurance providers and see the coverage they provide. You may also get coverage for your things during the relocation and therefore, inquire about it too. This will save you from the hassles of going for separate relocation insurance for your move.